Facebook platform industry hires: Adaptly, Brand Networks

Two Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers recently announced major hires: Brand Networks and Adaptly.

BrandNetworksBrand Networks, a Strategic PMD in all four fields, added Anthony Green, the former Vice President of Development at Facebook PMD Optimal. Green will join Brand Networks as a Senior Vice President of New Business, driving growth into new markets and verticals. Prior to working for Optimal, Green co-founded Concep, a global B2B marketing technology provider.

The company has also hired Jeff Madison, the former Chief Operating Officer of Sparkart Group. He will become Brand Networks’ Vice President of Client Services, where he will grow the account management team to provide improved customer service. With Sparkart, he was responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations, working with major entertainment brands such as Bon Jovi, The Killers, America’s Cup and the UFC.

Brand Networks CEO Jamie Tedford commented on the new hires:

It’s an exhilarating time for digital marketers, as social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn blaze new advertising trails with continued innovation and steady growth. With our Social Marketing Stack, we help the largest brands in the world centralize and simplify their social efforts, empowering responsive social marketing at scale. We are cultivating a team primed to be a driving force as the social marketing space continues to expand and we are excited for the next phase with leaders like Anthony and Jeff.

AdaptlyAdaptly, a Strategic PMD in ads and insights, added JP Lester as its Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining Adaptly, Lester was the CTO of Sony’s Digital Audio Disk Corporation group, leading a global engineering team.

Lester has built a stellar career in the music field, as one of the co-founders of TuneTo.com, which was acquired by Listen.com. After the acquisition, he was instrumental in the creation of Rhapsody, the world’s first legal on-demand music streaming service featuring content from all five major record labels.

Nikhil Sethi, Adaptly’s Co-Founder and CEO, commented to Inside Facebook about the hire:

We’re excited to have JP Lester join the Adaptly team as CTO. … We look forward to the impact that he will have at Adaptly that will take our engineering excellence to a whole new level.

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Images courtesy of Brand Networks and Adaptly Facebook pages.