Facebook Platform for Mobile – BlackBerry The Pioneer

Facebook next move is to give developers even more space for action – mobile platform ladies and gentleman! Today Facebook announced this new platform for mobile phones to extend possibilities for users to interact with Facebook and for developers to extend their applications to work with mobile phones.

Dave Morin: “At Facebook, we care deeply about the future of mobile development. And, today we are taking an open approach to giving you access to two new ways to integrate with Facebook Mobile, making it easier than ever to build for the mobile web.”

Now you will be able to use Facebook and Facebook applications even when you are not near computer – mobile phone is all you need. Possibilities to interact with applications using SMS and bunch of other stuff – trust me, its all fun!

You can also see that all staff in action because BlackBerry already have the application. For SMS and XHTML integration check out Causes.

BlackBerry Facebook application

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