Facebook Places Asks Users For Edits

Facebook has been asking visitors to Places to contribute information to the page's content.

Here’s another one of those new features that seems like it’s been there all along: Facebook has been asking visitors to Places to help improve the content on the pages.

Visitors to Places see popup messages saying, “Tell us more. Add your knowledge to this community.” Any changes added this way appear to go through an approval process, rather than up right away. Apparently, Facebook does the vetting, which some admins might construe as a loss of control over their own content.

The editing tool for a Place’s creator — which appears in the upper right-hand portion of the screen on the page in question — allows changes inputted by the admin to go up right away. It’s possible that the window prompting others to contribute information may show up for newer Places and those with scant data already appearing.
Like Eti Suruzon pointed out in a February 28 email exchange when we were trying to suss out the novelty of Places asking visitors for input:

…anyone can offer some details but it doesn’t show up immediately. It seems a bit like the Superuser status on Foursquare, if you’re familiar with it. You can apply and ask Foursquare to become a superuser and help improve the venues you bump into by editing them. For example, I’m a level 1 Superuser so I can edit venues if the info is incorrect even if I didn’t open that venue. Looks like FB found out they have the same problem with lots of duplicates, Places with no info, etc., so they allow anyone to offer a change and it will get reviewed and approved (or not).

Have you seen the prompt asking for information about Places?