Facebook Picture Of Diamond Ring Lands Couple In Jail

A young couple proudly uploaded a picture of a diamond ring on Facebook, declaring their love... but when someone recognized the ring as belonging to another friend, things quickly took a turn for the worse.

A young couple in Pennsylvania sealed their love and shared the happy news on Facebook by posting a picture of their engagement ring featuring a three-carat diamond. However, the gift turned out to be stolen, and now Prince Charming is behind bars.

Yes, it’s yet another edition of “People Posting Stuff They Shouldn’t Post On Facebook, And Getting Caught Because Of It.”
Robert gave his girlfriend Crystal a $12,000 engagement diamond ring. At the same time, a woman in Trafford, Pennsylvania told the police that items amounting to over $16,000 had been stolen from her house — among them, a 3-carat diamond ring.
The seemingly disparate events quickly collided when Crystal uploaded a picture of the expensive item to her Facebook account, writing, “Look what Robby gave me I love him so much.”
The girl’s cousin, however, had no reason to be happy for them: He recognized the ring and knew it belonged to his friend in Trafford.
According to MSNBC, the cousin told some friends, and it was one of the friends who alerted the police. Just how close this group of people were remains unclear, although they must have been acquaintances at the very least, given that – – according to the cousin – – the ring was stolen when Robert, Crystal, and himself spent at the victim’s house.
The police tracked Crystal down and asked her about the ring. She said Robert had taken it back to get it resized. Actually, Robert had sold six of the stolen items at Gold Buyers of Pittsburgh in Monroeville for $250. The most expensive item, it seems, was truly going to end up on his girlfriend’s ring finger.
The couple – – both in their very early twenties – – now face criminal charges. Robert was charged with theft, criminal trespass and receiving stolen property, while Crystal is facing prison time for theft and receiving stolen property. They are both currently in jail, waiting for preliminary hearing on Tuesday.
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