Facebook Pickup Artist Sleeps With 1,500 Women

File this one under weird news: a 60 year old British man named Clive Worth claims that he has slept with 1,500 women that he met on websites, including Facebook. According to Clive Worth, over 300 of those women were met through Facebook, who has now kicked the man off the site on numerous occasions. The Huffington Post suggests that Worth has returned to the site, “with a new profile, a new identity, and a new look, posing as a woman named “Carol Peters” and using a photo of model Coralie Robinson (pictured to the right) to attract women”.

The last case we heard of which involved a Facebook user sleeping around with numerous individuals, was back in 2008 when a girl set up a group aimed solely at sleeping with a bunch of men. While we’re guessing that lots of people use the site to find people to hook up with (just as they used to turn to MySpace for the same purpose), Clive Worth must have reached some type of record. Apparently this is something that Clive Worth isn’t new to.
In 2004, after being kicked off numerous other dating sites, he told the BBC, “There’s lots of dating sites on the internet – I’m going to carry on until I’m 80.” Whether or not that’s the case, part of me wants to call Clive Worth a “dirty old man” and another part of me wants to congratulate him for an extreme amount of persistence. I’m not sure if he has a day job, however getting 1,500 women to sleep with him must have required a significant amount of effort.
While you can debate the quality of the women he was able to attract, I can’t imagine reaching such numbers. If you happen to run into Clive Worth or if you see someone using the profile photo of Coralie Robison, pictured above, you may want to keep in mind what his life objective appears to be: meeting as many women online as possible.