Facebook's Photos Promotions Become Sitewide

Facebook is actively testing a number of promotional photos features, including “Photo Memories” and “Recommended Photos”. The new features, which were previously suspected to be integrated with Facebook Places, simply appear to be a way to get users on the site to engage with photos more often. That’s most likely because the Photos application is the most “sticky” application on the site.

While it would make sense for Facebook to integrate photos and videos into a Place, as first pointed out by Mashable, it’s not clear that this is how the integration is functioning. Instead, the promtions are aslo showing up within events. The only question now is whether or not Facebook is hoping to extend the functionality of Facebook events and places, or if they are simply promoting the photos application.

Given that many mobile Facebook users leverage the camera on their mobile device to upload photos, it’s only natural that users would be prompted to snap a picture right after they check-in to a venue or an event. While there are a number of location-based startups that are offering similar functionality, Facebook has the largest photos service on the web, and integration with Places and events would no doubt create a killer combination.

For the time being, we’ll be left to imagine how this integration will function, but it’s pretty clear that numerous people are seeing this new “Photo Memories” feature. The only question that remains is whether this is specific to Places and Events or a site-wide feature. Have you seen either of these photos promotions show up on the site? Have you seen similar alerts show up on other areas of the site?

Thanks to Luke Bornheimer for the tip!