6 Facebook Photo Uploaders That Works

I think many of you will agree that Facebook photo uploader is far from being perfect and many of you have trouble making your photo albums and uploading pictures. In this post you can find some alternative solutions to solve this problem and make photo uploading process less painful.

Here you can find solutions that will cover most of users whatever you work on a PC, Mac or keep your photos online.

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto

Plugin for iPhoto (Mac) that will let you easily export photos to your Facebook account. This plugin have also tag your friends feature.

Adobe Photo Uploader for Facebook

I don’t know why this app is called Photo Uploader because it is pretty solid Facebook client actually, with all necessary features to communicate with your friends. As it runs on AIR you can use this app or PC and Mac. Of course image uploading is made super easy – just drag and drop files in to the uploader and you are done!

Bloom Facebook Photo Uploader

This desktop app is specifically designed to manage Facebook albums and it does it pretty well. Runs on PC, Mac and Linux.

Facebook photo uploader for FireFox

Very powerful FireFox plugin not only for facebook, but supports many different services like Flickr, Picasa, Box, net etc. If you don’t want to install dedicated program on your computer – maybe this choice is for you.

Picasa uploader for Facebook

Handy tool for Picasa users – an easy way to quickly upload photos directly from Picasa to Facebook.

Flickr to Facebook

Very small tool that allows you to upload pictures from Flickr to Facebook. Add this bookmarklet to the browser and use when you need to chare some picture with Facebook buddies.

Feel free to share some cool Facebook tools that let you manage your photo albums in the comment section below!