Is a Facebook Phone on the Way?

When it was revealed last week that Facebook has no intention of supporting the Android platform, there was a ton of buzz generated in the blogosphere and I said that it was a horrible business decision by Facebook. I still stand by that position but one thing that had previously been discussed but sounded like fantasy was the idea of a Facebook phone.

While the company doesn’t necessarily have enough resources to develop the Facebook phone, partnering with an external company that wants to do much of the work makes a lot of sense. Considering that Facebook ignited the social platform wars, it wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea for the company to have a Facebook phone which is part of the mobile platform wars.

If Facebook is truly the platform for sharing and communication on the web, mobile presents a significant risk in that mobile activity could make web-based social networks practically obsolete. Well at least in theory. Anyways, even entertaining the possibility of a Facebook phone is a significant one and it’s something I previously wouldn’t have done, at least not until today.

Today I saw that 3 Mobiles, a U.K. based mobile provider, is announcing a new phone on November 13th which will “change the way that you use Facebook on your phone.” That would have been a significant statement a year ago but following the launch of Facebook for Blackberry and the Facebook for iPhone it doesn’t seem that significant.

My initial assumption is that 3 mobiles is trying to drum up some buzz about their service. Honestly, I’ve never heard of the company prior to today but then again I don’t live in the U.K. Could this company somehow have partnered with Facebook for releasing the mobile Facebook platform? I doubt it, and I have nothing to prove otherwise.

For the time being I’ll at least entertain the idea of a Facebook phone though. Since the industry is going through a substantial amount of change domestically I still have hopes for a Facebook mobile platform. Do you think there will be a Facebook phone? Is the one being advertised by 3 Mobiles going to be the “official” Facebook phone?