Facebook personalizes pages browser, prompts users to Like pages they might be interested in

Facebook is testing a new design for a section of its site formerly called “Discover Facebook’s Popular Pages” where users can find new pages to Like. Now called “Like Your Favorite Pages,” the site focuses on helping users connect to pages they’re most likely to be interested in, not just what’s most popular.

Some users are seeing links to the site from their Facebook bookmarks bar. After clicking the link, users are presented with a few dozen recommended pages. These seem to be suggested based on recent check-ins, pages they’ve visited, Open Graph activity and friend connections. For instance, we’ve seen some suggestions for artists recently listened to on Spotify and movies looked up on Rotten Tomatoes. Users can Like a page simply by clicking it.

In order for Facebook ads to be relevant, users need to have complete profiles including their likes and interests. The pages browser is useful, but until recently was mostly hidden on the site. In the past year, however, Facebook has promoted its pages browser a few different ways, for example, including a link along with Page-Like Sponsored Stories and suggesting that users visit it after they hide an ad. Today is the first time we’ve seen a link to the site from the bookmarks menu and the first time we’ve seen the new layout.

Besides the new wording and slightly different look, the site also highlights which of a user’s friends are connected to a page. However, Facebook seems to have removed the old sidebar which used to show users which friends they had the most pages in common with. The link to the former pages discovery browser now redirects to the new version at Facebook.com/pages.