Facebook Pays for Advertising on Facebook?

Facebook Google Ads in FacebookI realize that Facebook has an opportunity cost for their space on Facebook but I never though I would ever see Facebook paying for advertising on their own site! One of my readers sent me a screenshot of advertising placed with within one of the applications. Facebook has paid for google ads promoting their flyer system. Is this an accident or is Facebook genuinely trying to cross promote their advertising within Facebook?

Next we will see Facebook paying RockYou, SocialMedia and the other Facebook advertising platforms to promote their own services. Wouldn’t that be ironic? While this isn’t a huge mistake by Facebook it is definitely interesting to see them doing this. Facebook said that the platform would be free for developers but I definitely didn’t think they would pay you to develop applications (aside from the fbfund). It will be interesting to see if Facebook continues to promote across Google’s networks in general or if they decide to narrow it down to just search due to slipups like this.