Facebook Is Paying $2.2 Million to ‘Internet Stars’ to Use Facebook Live

Facebook just giving away cash at this point.

Facebook really, really wants everyone to use its live streaming service Facebook Live. The social giant already pays BuzzFeed and The New York Times $3 million each to create Live content. Now it has started shelling out cash to social media “stars.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has earmarked $2.2 million in payouts to various internet celebrities—which is a fancy way of describing dorks who are not actually celebrities—in exchange for them using Live.

The nearly two dozen people getting payments from Facebook have large followings on platforms like Vine, Instagram and YouTube.

For example, Jon Paul Piques is receiving $119,000 to use Live at least five times a month through September. Piques’ latest Vine features him accepting a woman’s invitation to her house only after she offers him a Pokémon Go character. Hilarious, brilliant stuff right there. Well worth the money.