Why Is Facebook Claimant Paul Ceglia In Ireland Now?

Has Facebook claimant Paul Ceglia gone to Galway, Ireland because he has something to hide?

Why is self-proclaimed Facebook co-owner Paul Ceglia holed up in Galway, Ireland right right after the social network’s attorneys supplied the “smoking gun” evidence?

Facebook’s attorneys on Friday submitted a copy of the original 2003 contract between Ceglia and Mark Zuckerberg. And now it’s up to the court to decide which document is the authentic agreement between the two.

So it’s easy to call Ceglia’s trip to Ireland during the decision period a form of hiding. But he explained to his hometown newspaper, the Wellsville Daily Reporter, in an email:

As you know, (Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark) Zuckerberg has seemingly stopped at nothing to try to slander me during this case so far, and part of that has been their use of private investigators not just to investigate me, but far beyond that, to harass me and my family daily. From waking up to discover people hiding in (a) back field with binoculars, to being followed day-in and day-out by these guys, to coming home and finding a back window open that I know I personally locked causes what I can only say borders on paranoia, and I refuse to let the bad guys win through intimidation tactics.

We’ve just recently heard that Facebook claims a “smoking gun” has been found in my computers, which is certainly well-timed PR on their part, and, as usual, the major papers don’t even ask for our statement while continuing to have the audacity to pass off their one-sided sensationalism as actual journalism. Unlike Zuckerberg, I’m not going to break a court order by discussing the facts, but what I can say is you’ll notice they aren’t saying they found a smoking gun during the forensic testing of the actual contract — in fact, they don’t mention it at all — so with all those experts and lawyers they had just a few weeks ago calling the contract an amateurish forgery and all they needed to end the case was to test it … now suddenly they don’t mention it at all, try to take everyone’s attention to digital forensics, and the so called journalists don’t bother reading between the lines. It makes you wonder.

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I decided that it would be better for my family to spend some time in Ireland, build my fridge, show our kids the castles I grew up playing in, and just generally regain some privacy. I was born in Wellsville and, while I hope to be buried 100 from now in the cemetery I helped to start outside of Ithaca, they will no doubt have to drive me from Wellsville because I love the town.

Ceglia has ties to the Irish town he’s in which he’s residing right now. The local paper, the Galway News said:

Ceglia spent six years of his childhood in Corofin as his mother comes from Cummer. (He) attended Cummer National School in the 1980s, and his grandparents; Nora and Andy Keaveney, ran the Ranchhouse Dance Hall on the N17 for years.

So readers: Which is more plausible — a refrigerator/cook stove, or the idea that Ceglia actually owns at least half of Facebook?