Facebook Party: Last.fm, Poker and Zoho apps

There are a huge buzz right now about Facebook and it’s possibilities to kick ass of MySpace. How we already know the ugliest social network ever made (MySpace) is feeling Facebook breath behind and I hope it will made it to come close to MySpace traffic some day. I really think that Facebook have karma and possibilities to achieve the goal and beat the monster.

Last week I started to write these ‘party’ articles , and the first party was dedicated to MySpace (they are huge- you can’t ignore that). In these articles I will try to post most interesting news, events, information and other blogers thoughts on the theme. And now it is time so see wha’s interesting happened to Facebook lately…

So, what is the reason why Facobook is growing so quickly? Maybe the launch of Platform? There are some reasons why Facebook is getting more and more popular and of course users love when developers are thinking how to make they lives better.

If you are searching for online entertainment poker isone of the things you will find for sure.And if people like poker than people will love poker in Facebook – seams that the new development platform is getting popular between online entertainment industry sharks.

Also the good news is that Last.fm at last launched the official player for Facebook. This give users great possibility to show others their music taste and add some interactivity to profile.

Speaking about Facebook apps here are one interesting article about most popular Facebook applications – maybe you can find in this list something interesting to add to your profile also.

And another interesting thing- Office suite for Facebook.

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