Facebook Party Army Continues Rampage

-Tube Party Screenshot-A group calling themselves the “Facebook Republican Army” have rampaged through a 16-year-old girl’s house in Sussex according to Sky News. There has been a continued string of parties, which started on Facebook, that have gotten out of control in the U.K. Less than two weeks ago we wrote about a party in London which “ended in chaos after up to 60 hooded youths gatecrashed the event”.

It seems like every week we hear of a new party which got out of control after starting on Facebook. I’m guessing that the U.K. is not the only place where Facebook is leading to wild parties, but the country’s media seems to be obsessed with teen parties. Most of the parties have been at the homes of wealthy individuals or have been throw together on the fly.

There have been numerous examples of the later including a group of teens who decided to throw a party on the London Tube. Thousands of teens rushed the Liverpool station, began consuming alcohol, and you can guess how the story goes from there. Back in July 10,000 people registered for a beach party on Facebook which was marketed as a rave. Ultimately the event was cancelled but it would have no doubt ended in destruction.

The parties don’t seem to be stopping and honestly, this is a pretty classic story. A teen tells a few people about a party at their house over the weekend and within days, the whole school knows about the party and the house ends up getting trashed. I’m guessing that this isn’t the last time we hear about a wild party which started on Facebook.