Facebook Partners With DEMO for Live Coverage

-DEMO Logo-Facebook has announced that they will be partnering with DEMO for live coverage of the event starting Monday morning in San Francisco. There will be a live video feed included with Facebook’s Live Feed widget and a “DEMOChatter” widget which includes live Twitter updates that are taking place around the event. For those not aware of what DEMO is, it’s essentially the competing conference to the Techcrunch50 except that startups pay to present.

Last week it was announced that Venturebeat founder Matt Marshall will be taking over management of the conference completely by 2010. DEMO has been aggressive in adopting a social media strategy over the past couple years and this is another step that’s part of their strategy to embrace new technologies.

This is one of numerous Facebook Live Feed implementations that we’ve seen since the beginning of the year. Earlier this week Facebook partnered with CNN for live coverage of Barack Obama’s first State of the Union. Over 130,000 people watched the live stream and there were over 200,000 status updates posted through the CNN Live Feed.

Facebook has been making a massive push for new partnerships to implement Facebook’s Live Feed. These partnerships have been highly effective at boosting the adoption of Facebook Connect and spreading general awareness about the product. I’m sure there will be plenty of people watching the live conference and it will be interesting to see the conversation taking place through the Live Feed widget.

Given that DEMO caters primarily to individuals that have a higher level of activity on Twitter, it will be interesting to see whether Twitter or Facebook ends up more active with this increased level of integration. Will you be at DEMO or will you be watching it from work?

-Facebook DEMO Screenshot-