Quantcast Enables Advertisers to Target Look-alikes via Facebook Exchange

Vegas hotel sees bookings jump 87% in early test

Quantcast is announcing today an integration of its digital ad-buying product with Facebook Exchange, letting a brand target prospects on the social platform, as opposed to retargeting its Web site visitors, who may not be ready for another purchase.

The program, dubbed Quantcast Advertise, anonymously matches prospects' cookies against the data-based characteristics of an advertiser's past customers. 

The seven-year-old digital measurement company said its data pool provides a higher level of ad targeting when it comes to the look-alike Facebook audience segments, which similarly minded tech firms have begun offering during the last few months. Palms Casino Resort, a Quantcast client, backs that claim while stating it has increased Facebook Exchange-based bookings by 87 percent after testing the prospect-focused system.

Compared to other display platforms during the test, the look-alike-targeting ads accounted for half of all bookings, and cost per acquisition was 33 percent lower than usual. 

"We were one of the first beta testers of Facebook Exchange," Erin Levzow, executive director of hotel marketing and e-commerce at Palms Casino Resort, told Adweek. "At first, it was hard to narrow down profitability and see the [desired return on investment] come across. Everyone is on Facebook. But you want to target the right people at the right time. Quantcast helps us maximize profitability by targeting the right people at the right time."

Jag Duggal, Quantcast's vp of product management, added, "Lots of people build look-alike models. But the key to look-alike models is how much data they have to trade against. If you've ever done a connect-the-dots puzzle, the more dots, the more patterns you can use. We have more dots for pattern recognition."

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