Announcing the AllFacebook Pages Tracker

Want to know what the most popular Facebook pages are on any given day? Now you can! If you haven’t read it on Techcrunch, over the past month we have been tracking over 620,000 Facebook fan pages daily to determine how many fans they have and what type of growth they are experiencing. This is to improve our ability to track what’s popular on Facebook. While we’d like to provide more data about each of these fan pages, tracking the total number of fans is all we are providing for the time being (and for the foreseeable future).

There are some interesting statistics that we’ve found through this new tool:

  • Masturbation! continues to be a fast growing fan page, currently growing at around 68 percent a day. Be careful though, as that fan page is definitely not safe for work.
  • The New York Times received approximately 135,000 new fans to their fan page from their inaugural home page ad campaign.
  • Coca-Cola has now become the second most popular fan page on Facebook, jumping past Homer J Simpson who hasn’t been experiencing much growth over the past week.
  • The vast majority of the fastest growing fan pages appear to be international.
  • Someone in Santiago, Chile has set up a Yoville fan page (Yoville is the popular virtual world application by Zynga) which is about to surpass 100,000 fans.
  • Approximately 50,000 over the more than 620,000 fan pages that we’re tracking have over 1,000 fans. That suggests there is a significant long tail among Facebook fan pages.
  • There are approximately 276 fan pages with more than 500,000 fans out of the 620,000 that we’re tracking.

Those are just a few of the statistics that we’ve found by browsing through the system. For the time being you can sort fan pages by the number of fans, daily growth rate, weekly growth rate, and category. We will be offering some other ways to sort through this data in the future. If you find any interesting data using the tool, please feel free to share it with us.

As with all the other tools that we currently offer, you can embed this data with you anywhere, as we’ve developed it as a Clearspring widget.

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