Facebook Pages: This is Big

Last night Facebook launched the new Facebook Pages offering and it’s significant. There was discussion about significant changes to groups and this is it. Rather than creating groups, brands can create their own “Pages” that can have applications, fans, photos, videos and more. In addition to having an interactive brand page their is an analytics service that provides information about: unique views, number of fans, new fans, removed fans, wall posts, reviews and photo views.

When Facebook said that they would soon be removing the limit on messaging groups, this may be it. You can send out a message to all the fans of your brand with what appears to be absolutely no restrictions. I previously discussed the impact of having applications for groups and now it has happened but with little fanfare. One example of a great application for brands is Craig Ulliot’s Request for Proposal application. This application enables brands to place a form on their page where they can receive sales leads.

While the pages are free, it appears that there is no official “Page directory” that we would expect. Instead, brands must leverage Facebook’s new Social Ads system to promote their pages. This is similar to how sponsored groups were previously structured except that there was a page that you could find sponsored groups from. I’m hoping that Facebook will make a Pages directory but I don’t expect it to launch soon given that this would compete with Facebook’s Social Ads system. I will be writing a follow-up post that reviews sample Pages. Will you be launching a page for your brand?