Facebook pages now show top related articles and videos based on users’ Open Graph activity

Page owners and fans can now view the most popular videos and news articles about a topic by visiting the brand or public figure’s Facebook page.

In the “posts by others” view of Timeline, some pages have “news” and/or “video” modules that shows what users have been reading and watching in Open Graph-integrated apps like Socialcam, Washington Post Social Reader, ESPN, Hulu and others. It’s unclear when Facebook added these modules to pages’ Timelines, but with more media apps integrating Open Graph and more people using them, the data here is increasingly valuable.

[Update 6/10/12 4:49 p.m. PT – Facebook engineer Alejandro Marcu, who works on pages, tells us these modules were added to pages on June. 15.]

The following is an example from Lebron James’ page. Further down is an example from Starbucks’ page.

Visitors to a page will be able to view these modules to find related content about a company, public figure or entity, such as a movie or TV show. They can also see which videos and stories are most popular among their friends, in addition to what’s trending overall. These features help make Facebook pages a destination for users to learn about people and products through a social lens. In the future, pages could include even more information from Open Graph apps, for instance, how many users indicated that they bought an item, saw a movie, read a book and more.

The top videos and top news modules are also useful for page owners to get a better sense of what other apps people are using to learn about their company. For example, Starbucks will see that many people are watching videos mentioning Starbucks on Socialcam, but none of these are official videos from the brand. Starbucks might want to consider how to get more of their own content on the video sharing site.

Page owners might also use the modules to get insights about which video and news apps are popular among their target audience. If they see which apps people are using to watch videos or read about a competitor, they can consider ways to get their own brand content on those channels.

If a page does not allow users to write on the Wall, it will not include any of these modules because there is no “posts by others” filter to view. As we wrote about earlier, music pages also have these two modules and an additional one that highlights the artists’ most popular songs.

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