Facebook Pages give businesses presence inside Facebook

The Facebook Ads page on the Facebook developer wiki has new information about the integration points available to Facebook developers building for pages:

Facebook Pages expands the social graph by enabling brands, businesses, celebrities, and other entities to have a presence on Facebook…Facebook Pages provide a business with a profile similar to a user profile, with many of the same features. As a developer, you have access to new integration points:

  • Pages Profile Box – You can create a profile box for a Page just like you can for a user profile
  • Pages Mini-Feed – As businesses add your application to their pages, your application will be shown in their Mini-Feed. Additionally, you can generate Mini-Feed stories for Pages in the exact same way as user profiles.
  • News Feed: All stories that are shown on a Page’s Mini-Feed are candidates for News Feed, and you can generate News Feed stories in the exact same way you do for user profiles.

What kind of businesses will Facebook Pages target? According to the Pages.getInfo documentation, it looks pretty broad — local businesses, big businesses, and media:

  • website
  • location – Contains five children: street, city, state, country, zip
  • hours
  • band_members
  • bio
  • hometown
  • genre – genre of music. Contains the following children: dance, party, relax, talk, think, workout, sing, intimate, raunchy, headphones
  • record_label
  • influences
  • founded
  • company_overview
  • mission
  • products
  • ticker_symbol
  • release_date
  • starring
  • written_by
  • directed_by
  • produced_by
  • studio
  • awards
  • plot_outline
  • network
  • season
  • schedule

So…it looks like Facebook will look a little bit more like MySpace. However, the primary means of information distribution about businesses with Pages will still be the News Feed. But are Pages really just Groups with Feeds and Apps?


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