Facebook Bug Prevents Users From Commenting And Liking

This morning we began receiving reports that Facebook Pages had a major flaw that was preventing users from commenting an liking stories. Some Page administrators were even unable to access the page content. While we’d assume that Facebook is actively working on a fix for the issue, it’s preventing a fair amount of Facebook Page functionality.

The bug appears to be limited to specific users. Additionally we’ve heard that the bug is happening within comments. For example, a user cannot “like” an actual comment on a feed story. It’s a small bug but it’s making it difficult for numerous people to communicate on the site. Facebook tends to resolve these problems relatively quickly. It also appears that this bug is only affective new posts, not previous posts.

We’re not quite sure why this is happening, or how many people are affected by the bug, but it’s pretty clear that it’s causing problems with many Facebook users. We’ll be sure to update the post if we hear anything else from Facebook. Have you seen this bug as well?

Thanks to Mari Smith for sharing this bug with us!

No Comment Screenshot