Page Tabs Become Facebook's Fastest Growing

Page creation tools take over the list of the fastest growing applications on Facebook now that the site has adjusted how it counts active users. .

Our weekly list of the fastest growing applications on Facebook takes on a different look now that the site has changed how it counts active users. The previous tally included everyone who grants permission to an application regardless of whether they’ve gone on to use the app, while the new statistics exclude those who’ve permitted but haven’t actually used the application.

Page tabs take over in the first week of these changes, and we also have quite a few noisy musician tools for both users and bands making the cut.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. Static Iframe Tab850,00014,700,000986,247
2. Mafia Wars 21,600,0002,300,000837,909
3. PM Custom Welcome Tab350,0006,700,000724,729
4. Bubble Witch Saga1,500,0003,900,000566,980
5. Zynga Game Bar1,200,0001,400,000552,579
6. Disfrázate140,000790,000487,992
7. Static HTML: iframe tabs3,300,00061,700,000455,146
8. Ravenskye City500,000970,000442,220
9. Welcome tab app for Pages560,00010,900,000431,867
10. Spotify1,900,0007,200,000396,801
11. BandRx200,0004,700,000388,313
12. Scribd670,00010,000,000365,612
13. Tracks.by50,0001,100,000260,706
14. Grooveshark220,000750,000239,915
15. Band Profile: Profile Pages for Musicians680,00012,500,000227,543
16. Welcome170,0003,100,000217,267
17. BandPage by RootMusic1,500,00027,800,000209,284
18. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages206,1468,000,000328,982
19. ASOS Fashion Friendsy Win free fashion for a year!30,000490,000193,921
20. WixYourPage100,0002,100,000193,706

Page Tabs

Recent changes pave the way for Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab to take over the number one spot. Combining 986,247 page views and tabs built, the app succeeds in building a healthy lead over the competition.

Making a massive leap forward, PM Custom Welcome Tab takes a 16 spot jump to 3rd place with a 724,729 weekly growth total.

Static HTML: iframe tabs shares a similar story and advances to seventh; a 455,146 increase aids in advancing nine positions.

Two apps with similar concepts square off this week, but the newcomer is still building the stamina to compete. The regular, Welcome tab app for Pages, comes in ninth, tallying a 431,867 new users.

Similarly named Welcome is a new arrival on our list, with 217,267 new users this week putting the app in 17th place.

Facebook’s newly adopted statistics also contribute to Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages returning in 18th place; the well-known tool for improving social media presences grows by a 328,982 margin.

WixYourPage is a second newcomer; the application closes us out for the first time with a 193,706 finish.


Launching just over a week ago, it could be easily predicted that Mafia Wars 2 would find a noteworthy spot; 837,909 new players secure it a place as a fastest growing application in second place.

Also from Zynga, Game Bar attracts 552,579 players to land in fifth place this week. shows that it can survive in the stricter tallying of applications statistics. The developer’s hit creation – Bubble Witch Saga – takes five steps forward by amassing 566,980 Facebook users.

Returning in 8th place, 6waves Lolapps’ Ravenskye City collects a 442,220 new users this week.


Halloween is just around the corner. Disfrázate is in sixth with 487,992 people this week checking out how they look in different Halloween costumes.

Score some fashion tips – if nothing else – and more by adding ASOS Fashion Friendsy Win free fashion for a year. After 193,921 additions, the fashion brand manages to land in 19th place.


Spotify continues to attract more listeners. The app presses forward to fifth, with 396,801 new active users providing the advancement.

Newbie Grooveshark is yet another first timer to the countdown, and the 239,915 growth total places it in the 14th position.

Musicians have quite a few fastest growing offerings. BandRx leads the pack; a 388,313 increase in users propels the app six places forward to kick off the second half of the countdown.

Coming in 13th, makes its presence felt by garnering 260,706 new users.

The rivalry between Band Profile: Profile Pages for Musicians and BandPage by RootMusic reignites with Facebook’s new measurement system. The first returns in 15th helping to improve the profile of 227,543 new musicians. Two places behind is the latter with a growth increase of 209,284 since last week.


Scribd enables people to share content on the social network and websites by tapping into Facebook’s Open Graph. The app enjoyed and additional 365,612 active users this week to finish in 12th place.

To see even more data about Facebook applications and pages, be sure to check out the detailed statistics tool we use to compile our rankings.

Readers, what do you think of the changes made to Facebook’s application statistics? Also, did you find yourself hooked on any of the latest rounds of fastest growing competitors?