7 Ways To Improve Results On Your Facebook Page

Facebook page developer FaceItPages offers us seven suggestions on how to get better results from marketing via social media.

Facebook page developer FaceItPages offers us seven suggestions on how to get better results from marketing via social media.

Focus On Quality

First of all, focusing on quality, not quantity of Facebook fans will take you further toward your goals. Like FaceItPages’ own, Candy Havlock of Lancaster, California, says:

You want the most powerful fan base you can get. You could have on million fans, and they are just that — fans — but quality fans exchange ideas, help you with problems, and sometimes will power-think with you.

Invite Friends

FaceItPages suggests that you seek likes for Facebook pages by clicking on the “invite friends” icon while you’re navigating the site using your personal profile — the feature is unavailable when you’re logged on with a page alias.

Learn GraphRank

Study up on how GrapRank works. This successor to EdgeRank determines what gets featured in people’s news feed based on the popularity of dfferent types of content. Like FaceItPages wrote on its own blog

Understanding how different content types are scored is one area of focus. With the weight for edge type factor, videos may be ranked higher than links, and photos higher than text updates. Likewise, with affinity scores, a fan sharing your content with others scores higher than a fan who simply comments on an update or photo. Considering the time decay factor, regular updates will produce a higher score than sporadic posts, although points can be taken off for businesses that lean toward over-sharing or spamming fans with tons of updates.

Know Your Audience

Learn what interests fans and potential customers, and what types of content they are likely to respond to. Knowing this will help you get more likes and comments on posts.

Vary Your Media

Posting only text bores people. Try to mix in videos, photos, text updates, links, exclusive content, games, surveys, and coupons.

Keep It Simple

This might sound like it contradicts the previous suggestion, but simplicity is needed for the part when you’re asking people to do something. Stick to just one call to action and make it clear what visitors should do when they land on your page.

Post Questions

Finally, FaceItPages suggests the use of questions as a good way to get more Facebook comments, saying that those questions should start with who, what , why, where, or when, and should be simple and short.

Readers, what do you think of these suggestions?