Facebook May Extend Negative Feedback Metrics Pagewide

Facebook may extend the negative feedback page metrics from individual posts to pagewide.

Facebook continues to emphasize the negative in its insights for page managers, which could be a positive for marketers.

Wise reports that the social network may extend the negative feedback metrics that it launched earlier this month for individual posts throughout pages.

Should this happen, page managers will be able to see how many users still like their pages but have elected to hide posts.

This will help determine their next course of action to try to win back the attention of those so-called fans, and it will allow them to gauge how effective (or ineffective, as it may be) their content has been.

Plus, as Wise points out, emphasizing the negative could also be a positive for Facebook, as marketers may turn to advertising on the social network to try to reach users who have hidden their posts.

Facebook had first introduced negative feedback metrics for individual posts earlier this month; clearly, this measurement is popular with administrators if Facebook is considering doing this on an pagewide basis.