Facebook Page Management Software Is The New Trend

-Facebook ReMarketing Ad-Over the past 24 to 48 hours we’ve seen three new Facebook Page management tools roll out. On Tuesday Buddy Media rolled out a management platform for brands and then yesterday ContextOptional rolled out their Social Monitoring Console. Today theKbuzz announced their own product called “theFacelift”. All three of these packages are looking to provide something similar: a single resource for managing a brand’s Facebook presence.

Why More Software?

So why on earth do brands need Facebook page management software? Isn’t Facebook’s existing tools sufficient for brands? Ultimately the only circumstance under which Facebook’s existing platform makes sense is if you want the basics for your brand/company’s Facebook Page. If you want further customization, you’ll most likely need an in house developer or someone extremely familiar with HTML/FBML.

Large brands have greater needs which is why Buddy Media and ContextOptional are providing robust page management software. However for smaller businesses, you can use theFacelift platform which has been licensed from Buddy Media. The cost is $495 for setup and $195 for each of the following months you stay on. However if you use the discount code “ALLFACEBOOK” when you register, they’ll give you 20 percent off the first month.

Page Management Is Big Business

Facebook Pages have continued to evolve over the past year and now there is a massive ecosystem catering to Facebook Page administrators. Whether it’s other software packages like Involver, a more design focused service like Wildfire, or a full customization platform like Sprout publisher, there are solutions for just about every Page admin.

All of these businesses are banking on there being a large enough demand for Facebook Page customization. While I believe that there is at least $500 million at stake for Facebook Page customization, I’d imagine that many of these companies believe the opportunity is even greater. Whatever the size of the opportunity is, there are numerous companies now vying for a piece of the Facebook Page customization market.