Facebook Page Growth Rates Return To Pre-Places Launch

When Facebook launched Places a few weeks ago, many Page administrators noticed that their growth rates were cut substantially. In some cases the exposure a Page would get was down upwards of 60 percent. While Page story exposure levels (the number of impressions each published feed story receives) have not returned to pre-Facebook Places levels, growth rates appear to be on the rise again which is making many Page administrators happy.

You can view any top pages on our Facebook Pages leaderboard and you’ll see that over the past few days, growth rates have accelerated significantly. While many Page administrators would also like to see their feed story exposure increase, the increase of fans is theoretically more important as exposure and fan base should grow relatively proportionally under normal circumstances. While many pages who have paid for fans have not seen proportional growth, organically developed Pages should continue to see engagement numbers rise over time.

As the chart below depicts, the growth began to return over the weekend. As some administrators have speculated in email exchanges with us, this could be attributed to Facebook’s new Pages browser. However given that the product was pulled yesterday, this doesn’t appear to be the source of growth. Instead, we believe that Facebook has made some subtle changes to the feed algorithm. Additionally, the improvement of like recommendations within users’ profiles and recommended pages on the homepage could also have had an impact.

We’ll wait to see if Facebook increases the exposure that Page stories are getting within users’ feeds.

Page Growth Chart

Thanks to Erik Giberti for the tip!