Facebook Pages Have Become Your Friends, Can Be Added To Friend Lists

This afternoon Facebook made a small modification to the friends page which changed “All Friends” to “All Connections”, integrating Facebook Pages and friends. It’s a small change but it’s a step in the direction of decreasing the distinction between Pages and profiles. Mark Zuckerberg previously stated that the two products: profiles and Pages, would increasingly become similar. This is yet another step in that direction.

Another big component of this new feature is the ability to add Facebook Pages to friend lists. This means that users will be able to now create custom feeds that group friends and specific friend lists. This is an important step in improving users’ ability to discover information on Facebook. As I’ll be posting later today, information discovery has become difficult in a world of unfiltered streams. Having the ability to group friends and Pages into the same groups is an important step in improving Facebook’s filtering capabilities.

If you want to view the updated version of friend lists and their integration with pages, visit your friends page and click on the “All Connections” tab which should be selected by default. If you browse through, you’ll see that pages are now listed and that you can add those pages to specific friend lists. If you’d prefer to only view Pages that you’ve become a fan of, you can visit this page.

Right now Facebook is building in features that I’d describe as comparable to Tweetdeck. The primary difference is that these new features enable much more granular privacy settings. There are a lot of possibilities with this new functionality. One thing for example would be the potential for Pages to be able to comment on fans’ walls. Unfortunately such functionality could easily become exploited without default settings that prevented such forms of promotion.

Regardless of Facebook’s rationale behind this update, it’s clear that the company wants to provide users with more control over the content that is visible to them in the feed and this feature accomplishes just that.