Religion Keeps Dominating Facebook Page Engagement

While Justin Bieber's talkative fans have the pop star's page ranking second in engagement, Jesus Daily has more interactivity this week.

While Justin Bieber’s talkative fans have the pop star’s page ranking second in engagement, Jesus Daily has more interactivity this week.

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 8,781,642 3,197,906
2. Justin Bieber 36,476,245 1,544,691
3. Mario Teguh 4,856,335 1,321,215
4. The Bible 8,212,288 1,045,902
5. Dios Es Bueno! 4,322,264 1,033,699
6. New York Yankees 4,631,478 791,112
7. Manchester United 19,765,171 726,376
8. 6,475,312 615,975
9. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,570,585 571,555
10. Real Madrid C.F. 20,157,066 543,750
11. Jesus Christ 3,088,078 540,951
12. MTV Roadies 3,148,927 499,575
13. Lil Wayne 31,713,997 487,167
14. Lady Gaga 44,083,608 394,315
15. Barack Obama 23,426,677 379,548
16. WWE 6,776,191 367,479
17. Texas Hold’em Poker 50,921,071 362,436
18. I’m Proud To Be Christian 2,985,913 352,285
19. FC Barcelona 21,097,620 349,645
20. Me Gusta La Cerveza 6,416,250 317,642


While its lead over the second-ranked page isn’t as strong this week as previously, 3,197,906 interactions keep Jesus Daily in the top spot.

Holding steady in fourth place, The Bible makes itself comfortable witnessing 1,045,902 new commenters.

Our page to watch last month – Dios Es Bueno – is making noteworthy progress; 1,033,699 responses leap the page forward to fifth place. Also with a success story, manages a 615,975 engagement total in the pursuit for a larger fan base.

Joyce Meyer Ministries remains consistent in its social media strategy, and that’s paying off in engagement, as 571,555 interactions move the page’s rank up to seventh place. Meanwhile, the page called Jesus Christ enjoyed 540,951 likes and comments over the past week.

Finishing one place behind its previous standing, I’m Proud To Be Christian is one of the hottest blogs for spiritual and religious conversation; 352,285 likes and comments put the page in 18th place this week.


Eager Justin Bieber fans are anticipating his upcoming new single, and a 1,544,691 total aids in its climb to second place. Magazine covers and a few updates poignant to current events cannot quite give Lil’ Wayne a week similar to the previous; a diminishing 487,167 interactions knock it back eight places to 13th.

There isn’t much difference to be noted in Lady Gaga’s social networking presence compared to previous weeks, but 394,315 likes and comments put her page in the 14th position this week.


Mario Teguh cannot emulate the success of the past 14 days, and a 1,321,215 engagement total ousts the page to the third spot.

We are approaching a big audition for “MTV Roadies,” and this prompts 499,575 interactions — a small leap forward to 12th place. Me Gusta La Cerveza, or I Like Beer, is a simple yet noisy fan page that fastens itself in to a 20th place finish by collecting 317,642 posters.


Although they recently collapsed in the postseason, 791,112 likes and comments give the New York Yankees a tremendous sixth place first-time appearance.

On the European football field, Manchester United pushes forward to seventh engaging an audience of 726,376.

It was a slower week for Real Madrid C.F who falls four positions to tenth, but it will see if that 543,750 finish improves next week as trade rumors are heating up for the club.

Taking the hardest blow on the countdown, FC Barcelona only engages a crowd of only 349,645 — a nine-place drop from last week, to19th position.

Walkouts and other sorts of potentially staged forms of drama entice 367,479 likes and comments on the WWE’s official social networking hub. The long-standing name in professional wrestling returns in 16th.

Social gamers are heading towards the official page for Texas Hold’em Poker for free chips and other goodies, resulting in 362,436 likes and comments, a 17th place week.


President Barack Obama’s social media team makes a few slights against republican stances, but that still only leaves the page slipping a few spots compared to last week, to 15th place. The president finishes with a 379,548 interaction total.

Readers, did you find yourself engaging in the lively conversation found on this week’s top pages?

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