Facebook Opens to Home Schoolers

Facebook opened up their site to everyone back in 2006. For users that were 17 and under, the site required some sort of verification though for security purposes. Unfortunately there was no verification method for home schoolers. A group formed on the site that petitioned Facebook to let in home schoolers. The two groups amounted to less than 8,000 users but it was still sufficient enough to drive change.

According to Christina Holsberry of Facebook, “We’ve been working on ways to solve this—we want minors to use Facebook safely above all. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve recently come up with a way for homeschoolers to join. We’ve created a new verification system—one that doesn’t depend on being in a high school, but still provides the level of security we believe is required. So welcome, everyone, to Facebook.”

Thankfully Facebook is now opened to pretty much anybody. I’m not sure how this will contribute to the overall growth of the site but it’s great to see that Facebook is at least paying attention to all of its users. Perhaps Facebook will serve as a way to connect a group of previously disconnected homeschool students.

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