Facebook Opens Stream Further, Pages Become True Twitter Competitor

Facebook made a significant announcement this afternoon regarding updates to their stream API. The two most significant updates is that publishing information to the stream will now be much simpler for third-party websites and developers can now access Page streams without an active session. Over the past couple months I’ve been writing about the expansion of Facebook Pages to become true community platforms and these updates further support this shift.

The most significant update that developers will find to be extremely valuable is that accessing stream.get for Facebook Pages no longer requires an active session. That means desktop applications like Tweet Deck and Seesmic will be able to let users follow the Pages that they are fans of as well as publish comments directly from external applications. In other words Facebook Pages has finally become a true Twitter competitor. That means the competing Twitter search clients will now be able to aggregate Facebook Page posts as well.

Facebook has also announced that applications that post stream stories will now get attribution for those stories from within the feed. Additionally, applications that wish to post stories on behalf of Facebook Pages will now be able to do so with an advanced privacy setting. When you grant permission to an application to publish feed stories, you will also be able to allow the permission for any Facebook Page you are an administrator for. That means if you want to use TweetDeck for example to post updates to your Facebook Page you will now be able to do that (as long as the application supports such functionality).

To learn more about the new functionality, check out the Facebook Developer blog post.

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