Facebook Opens Page Promotions to Small Businesses, Drops Pre-Approval And Minimum Spend Requirements

A key gripe among Facebook Page owners — at least those who don’t do a lot of ad spending — has been the spending restriction Facebook put in place on promotions last year. If you hadn’t bought at least $10,000 in Facebook ads, the company wouldn’t give you the written prior permission it required to run a promotion, whether it was a “sweepstakes, contest, competition or other similar offering.”

It is dropping the spending requirement and approval process, we’ve confirmed with the company, following an email it reportedly sent about the changes to some Page owners earlier today.

Until now, disobeying the promotions guidelines could cause Facebook to do things like block your Page.

Promotions can be done for minimal cost, just the worth of the prize if nothing else, so they’re a natural type of marketing plan for smaller businesses. Facebook first instituted the restrictions last November, and told us more recently that its guidelines weren’t about making money. It didn’t have enough staff to be able to preview everything quickly, and if it didn’t have some sort of full review process in place, it could still be found legally responsible for material posted by Page owners.

But the company has been busy hiring for sales operations and related roles over the past year, and apparently it feels comfortable enough with its current processes that it has dropped the restrictions. Note that the guidelines terms haven’t been updated to reflect these changes, although we assume that will happen shortly.

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