Facebook Opens fbFund Voting – Users to Help Decide Who Gets Funding

Facebook today is opening up the voting phase of the fbFund process to give users a voice in determining which applications should be awarded the full $250,000 fbFund grants.

So far, 25 application developers have been awarded $25,000 each in Round I of the competition. In Round II, Facebook users, the Facebook fbFund Team, and members of the fbFund Advisory Committee (i.e. Founders Fund and Accel) will nominate developers for the full grant. Ultimately, 5 will be awarded an additional $225,000, bringing their total grants to $250,000.

Starting today, users can vote once per application per day until November 30. Each developer has submitted a 30 second commercial which can be viewed in the fbFund 08 voting application. Winners will be announced on December 12.

“We don’t always know the apps that will be the most meaningful for our users. So we’re putting up an app that allows user to vote on the top 5,” Facebook’s Cat Lee told Inside Facebook.

Over 600 developers initially applied to the fbFund program, which offers non-recourse grants with some restricted terms.