Facebook Opening Up?

Nope, not yet. That’s why Ringside Networks will be announcing a new service that “will let developers easily port Facebook apps to any other website and it will integrate company websites with social graph and communication features back at Facebook.” The service appears to be abstracting the social layer and letting the social networks handle that while providing full integration in company’s existing websites.

This new offering is extremely useful for companies because they will be able to rapidly integrate with multiple social networks. Ringside is positioning themselves for enterprise level social development. Figuring out how to integrate with existing social networks is a complex task for businesses and this new application could make the process substantially easier. The service sounds awesome in theory but ultimately corporate partnerships will be critical for this company’s success.

I could also foresee this company making a white label social network offering to sell alongside this new service. This would make it easy for companies to integrate external social networks with an internal face quickly and easily. The service sounds great in theory. I’m curious to see what type of response they get from businesses. Perhaps this is part of the larger trend of social applications making its way into major organizations.

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