Facebook Opening Ad Sales Office In Hong Kong

Facebook is opening an office in Hong Kong for selling advertising, as membership within Chinese borders has jumped to 700,000 from 300,000 before the Chief Executive Officer visited the country in December.

Facebook is opening an office in Hong Kong for selling advertising, according to Reuters, which cited local media outlets in the region.

While mainland China has banned access to Facebook since 2009, local social network copycats have emerged to serve the more than 450 million Internet users in the country. Hong Kong accounts for the 700,000 members that Facebook has within Chinese borders, more than double what membership was before Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg visited the country in December.

This recent gain in momentum over the past few months seems like a good reason to put more resources into selling ads in Hong Kong. The local office might be able to help Facebook gain more knowledge that could help improve relations with mainland China, with a view toward eventually coaxing the nation to lift the ban on the U.S. social network. If Syria can lift a five-year ban on accessing Facebook, surely China could end a one-and-a-half year block. And if China were to allow its citizens to access the U.S.-based social network, Facebook would have a serious opportunity to charge toward the billion-member threshold.

Readers, what do you think about Facebook opening a sales office in Hong Kong?