Facebook Officially Kills Lexicon

A couple weeks ago we began wondering what happened to the company’s lexicon product as it was no longer providing useful data. It appears that the company has decided to shutter the year and a half old product, as Steve Rubel points out. When you visit the Lexicon page it now says “We are removing the Lexicon product from Facebook for the time being.”

The page also suggests that the resources focused on the Lexicon product have been shifted to building out the Page and Application analytics tools. We recently wrote about the need for deeper analytics within Facebook Pages. The currently analytics package is notoriously unreliable. However Facebook will be rolling out a new product each month this year so we can only imagine that improve Page insights will be one of those products.

For those users who were hoping into deeper insight into the conversations Facebook users are having, you’ll have to wait until Facebook decides to relaunch their version of a Google trends product. To be honest, the Lexicon product probably wasn’t the best investment since Facebook needs to improve the experience for users and companies who want to spend money on the site.

Dropping products that aren’t core to a company’s focus is a sign of a smart company.

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