Q&A: What Offerpop Offers The Facebook PMD

Offerpop's Chief Marketing Officer Mark Cooper told us about the company's participation in Facebook's preferred marketing developer program.

We’re hearing from many of the 232 companies participating in Facebook’s preferred marketing developer program that the social network officially launched yesterday.

This merged the preferred developer consultant and marketing application programming interface developer programs into one program with four different badges: pages, ads, applications and insights. Many of the companies already in this PMD are getting certified for additional areas of expertise.

One such example is Offerpop. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer Mark Cooper told us about its participation in the program via an email interview.

Did you just receive the badge right when regrouping of the developer groups was announced? How long ago did you apply? What was that process?

We applied to the PDC program during the open application window last December. Offerpop was already a marketing API partner. We were accepted to the program, and told that PMD and MAP were going to be combined. Our badge was delivered just before the announcement.

How does being part of the PMD change things for Offerpop going forward?

Facebook has been a great partner, and we expect that to continue. We view PMD acceptance as public recognition that our self-service platform is a valuable part of the Facebook marketing ecosystem.

How does Offerpop differ from the other companies that have the PMD for apps?

Offerpop is the easiest to use marketing self-service platform available. We make it very easy for an individual marketer to launch a program in minutes.

Another key differentiator is that fans are not required to grant access to their Facebook profiles before participating in a program — our apps ask for access to their profiles and/or collect information via form fields after a fan has started to trust the experience.

And finally, we are solely focused on providing apps that deliver measurable return on investment to marketers.  For example, our platform is the only one available with built-in unique promo code support and automatic barcode generation for printable coupons.

What else would you like to tell our readers about Offerpop?

We will continue to deliver solutions to our customers that help them acquire fans, virally engage friends of fans, and convert fans into repeat customers. And we are close to launching a very exciting app that starts to truly deliver on ‘outside-in’ marketing — enabling fans to help drive brand conversations and content. Stay tuned!