Facebook Obtains Ruling Against Sanford Wallace, Famed Spammer

Today Facebook obtained a ruling against noted spammer, Sanford Wallace. While a formal ruling has not been posted yet, Facebook has told us that “Judge Fogel agreed that there were grounds for criminal contempt and that the US Attorneys office should investigate Wallace. Wallace filed for bankruptcy, which is not unexpected and only delays our judgment temporarily.” It’s not surprising to see one of the more well known spammers bankrupt.

Then again, Sanford Wallace probably has a lot of money sitting in off shore accounts distributed around the world. Facebook has aggressively pursued spammers since early on. Whether it’s spammers that are trying to dupe users out of their email addresses and Facebook passwords or attempts to get users to download spyware, it all damages the overall user experience. Facebook has also provided the following statement:

“We see Fogel’s ruling as a strong deterrent against spammers. Spammers feel that they are immune from criminal prosecution. Fogel’s ruling demonstrates that judges will enforce restraining orders and spammers who violate them face criminal prosecution. This appears to have had an impact on Wallace who was in court today. To our knowledge, he has not appeared in any of the many previous cases against him.”

While Sanford Wallace has never appeared for a court appearance in his life, at least Facebook is aggressively pursuing the spammers. This ruling appears to be more of a statement than anything else: Facebook will not put up with any spammers anywhere on the site. Have you continued to see spam across the site or has the volume been decreasing for you?

I’ve gone ahead and embedded the original complaint posted below.

Facebook Sanford Wallace Spam Rulingbiznickman

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