Facebook Now Testing New Ad Manager

Over the past few days Facebook has been pushing out a new version of their ad manager to a select group of advertisers. One of those advertisers, Tradimax, was kind enough to forward over screenshots of the latest ad manager. While we’ve previously written that Facebook has been working on a new iteration of their ad management system, this is the first time that we’ve had access to the screenshots and the first we’ve heard of this system being used by advertisers.

There are a few key changes with this new ad manager: multi-ad management, a manager-wide campaign selection area, and new navigation. The changes appear to be relatively subtle and while there plenty of upgrades that will help ad managers control more ads at once, this is still just a slightly new iteration. Interestingly, there is a new navigation which makes me guess that we’ll see an upgraded version of reports eventually.

For the time being, Facebook is testing this new ad manager with a few advertisers but I’d expect them to begin rolling this out to a large audience over the coming weeks. Given that Facebook’s self-serve ads are growing rapidly and account for the majority of the company’s revenue, I’d imagine that we’ll see an increased focus on satisfying the demands of advertisers.

There have been numerous complaints over the previous months including claims of click fraud, poor advertiser support, and a generally low accountability for ad performance. However there is a large volume of advertisers who are seeing great returns including local businesses. With an improved ad manager, there’s no doubt that Facebook will continue to see growth from their self-serve advertising platform.

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