Facebook Now Showing Credits Purchase History; Missing Balance Bugs Continue

As Credits become the only paid virtual currency on Facebook, the company is trying to make it easier for people to use. Most recently, it has started showing users their Credits purchase history. While the feature is only appearing in some accounts, it’s useful for anyone trying to keep track of their spending patterns — not a way to maximize short-term revenue, but important for establishing long-term trust.

The purchase history is visible within the user account interface, under Payments.

On a related front, Credits is continuing to be plagued with a problem: User balances are not appearing in some parts of the interface. We’ve been seeing comments on our sites for some time about this issue, and Facebook has an error message on its Help Center page about Credits with a little more detail. It says “Missing Credits Balance? We are currently experiencing a problem where many users can’t see their Facebook Credits balance. Until this is resolved, please note that you can view your balance by opening a purchase window in any game that supports Facebook Credits. We appreciate your patience.”