Facebook Now Sending a Weekly Stats, Upsell Email to Page Owners

Facebook has begun sending out a weekly email to Page owners, sharing a few data points — and upsells. The point is to both show owners how well the Page is currently doing, and provide links to Facebook resources.

The three data points are:

  1. # new fans your Page got this week
  2. # interactions (likes and comments) your Page’s content got this week
  3. # visits (traffic) your Page got this week

In addition, Facebook is encouraging users to post more updates, visit their Page Insights page, and buy Facebook ads in the email. That last one is especially important: advertising for things like Pages is an increasingly important part of Facebook’s business. This email is another way for the company to get more people buying ads.

Facebook also sends weekly birthday emails to users who want to receive updates on friends with birthdays each week.