Facebook Now Promoting “Suggested” Public Profiles on the Home Page

It was one year ago that Facebook started suggesting “People You May Know.” Now, Facebook has started suggesting businesses and brands you may like as well.

Public profiles (formerly known as Pages) are now appearing in the “Suggestions” module on the top right side of the home page. In addition, business and brands are now mixed in with suggested friends on the “People You May Know” page.

For example, today I’m getting suggestions for popchips, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Warren Miller, Sarah Palin, George Lopez, and Depeche Mode. Most all of the suggested pages are official brand pages, as indicated by the vanity URL, but not all.

Getting included in Facebook’s suggested public profiles list could give a big boost to your public profile’s traffic. But, unlike Twitter’s process of manually choosing a few users to follow, Facebook’s list of suggested public profiles appears to be algorithmically generated depending on pages your friends of fans of. Pages experiencing increasing overall popularity also seem to be included.

As always, you can track the popularity of growth of hundreds of thousands of public profiles on Facebook at PageData. Some of the fastest growing pages in the last 24 hours include Barney Stinson, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and Sarah Lacy.