Facebook Now More Popular Than Sex

A couple weeks ago Facebook surpassed MySpace to become the largest global social network. Aside from becoming the largest website, there are not many other goals that they could strive to achieve when it comes to traffic. Actually, there is one more goal that would be nice to accomplish: become the number one search term on Google. While it hasn’t reached the number one Google search term (“YouTube”), it has surpassed two big giants: “Google” and “sex” and is nearing one other giant: “Yahoo”.

If there were any sign suggesting that Facebook is on track to become the largest global website, the popularity of Facebook in Google searches should surely be an indicator. Facebook continues to grow at a rapid pace and with the continuing launch of new languages, there are no signs of slowing. Later this month Facebook is expected to announce the launch of their payment platform as well as officially launch Facebook connect.

The launch of these two new services will surely help the company continue generating buzz and potentially launch them to be come the most popular site on the web. In the meantime the company will have to be satisfied with being more popular than sex. Thanks to Franz for pointing this out to me!