Facebook Now Letting Users Make a One-Time Username Change

fblogosmallBack when Facebook opened the username registration process 5 weeks ago, it said at the time that once users chose a username, it would be theirs forever – no changes allowed. Today, however, Facebook has added a way for users to make a one-time username change.

Why the change in policy? Most likely, Facebook was getting a lot of customer service complaints from users who chose a username they weren’t happy with, and decided to give users a second chance. For example, there are cases like Logan Chandler, who probably wasn’t thinking about future job interviews when he chose his username, or Mike Pence, who chose his friend’s name (Obie Fernandez) as his own username as a practical joke. (Some users who chose trademarked usernames have also had their usernames revoked by Facebook at the request of the rights holders.)

Now, all you have to do to make your one-time username change is head over to the Facebook accounts settings page, where you’ll see this new section:


It will be interesting to see how central of a role Facebook usernames play in the future of Facebook identity. Currently, they play a relatively minor role (though they drive a lot of SEO for Facebook and Facebook Pages), but they could play a more prominent role in the future.