Facebook Now Helping New Page Administrators Get Started

Facebook is testing out a new way of getting new Facebook Page administrators to get their Page off the ground and active. As pictured below, the company is encouraging administrators to post status updates, set up their mobile phone to sync with the Page, and finally syncing the Page with their twitter account. It’s a small change, however it’s a smart attempt by Facebook to get Facebook Page administrators to begin posting content on their Pages immediately rather than leaving them blank.

The fact that the company is also actively encouraging users to set up the Twitter-syncing, a feature that first rolled out last year. This continued integration with Twitter illustrates how Facebook has decreased their emphasis on competing with Twitter, who is having plenty of issues scaling their service. By inserting this new call to action, Facebook should be able to get more administrators through the Page configuration process.

As Facebook expands, the company continues to focus on iterating the product around changes that will increase conversion of various actions throughout the site. In this case, the change is intended to get those administrators who aren’t familiar with the Pages product through the configuration process. Making the product as easy to use will most definitely help the product gain more traction. Have you seen this new process while creating Facebook Pages?

Thanks to Helen Todd of SocialitySquared for the tip!