Facebook Now Displays Notification Count In Browser Tabs

Have you ever noticed how Gmail displays the number of messages you have unread in your inbox within the browser tab? Facebook has begun doing something similar. Facebook will display the combined number of friend requests, inbox messages, and notifications within the browser tab, in order to keep the user up to date on any changes. It’s also a subtle change which ends up driving the user back to the tab.

Facebook is well known for making small changes to the site and this is no different. Given that most active internet users have multiple tabs open at a single time, it’s difficult to know when or if it’s necessary to go back to Facebook. While many people are addicted to Facebook and want to view continuous updates, the most important aspect is notifications, requests, and messages, all of which engage the user directly.

Now that the count is displayed you don’t need to check back regularly. Instead, you can simply navigate over to the page each time the counter is updated. Are you a fan of the new feature?
Thanks to Brandon George for the heads up.

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