Facebook now archiving the personal lives of workers at over 15,000 companies

Since opening its doors to work networks two and a half months ago, Facebook has now received over 15,000 company registrations (15,319 to be exact – full list here). This represents about 100% monthly growth over each of the last two months. While many of the world’s largest corporations are well represented, thousands of small local businesses have registered as well.

Social networking presents a security problem for large companies who don’t want any internal information disclosed or exchanged in highly trafficked web commons. Just as we’ve seen universities creating Facebook policies and guidelines for students recently, I expect to see companies doing the same for workers very soon – especially in the area of privacy settings and “limited profiles”. But since Facebook allows any member to search any network, simple company association could present a poaching problem if clever recruiters take to the site.

Does your company have a policy that limits what personal information you can store online? If so, please let me know.

What can you learn by searching Facebook’s corporate networks?