Facebook Now Allowing Users to Open Up Their Profiles to Everyone

Facebook added a new feature to its profile privacy settings today, now allowing users to open up part or all of their Facebook profile for anyone on Facebook to see.

In order to open up their profile, users can now go to the profile privacy settings page and change any of the following settings to “Everyone”:

  • Profile
  • Status Updates
  • Links
  • Wall Posts
  • Basic Info
  • Personal Info
  • Education Info
  • Work Info
  • Photos of You
  • Videos of You

It’s another step in Facebook’s increasing movement toward openness for those users who want to share with more people. However, profiles opened to everyone will not be visible for search engines – viewers must be logged into Facebook in order to access the open profiles.

“One of the top priorities at Facebook is offering privacy controls that let you choose exactly what you share with whom. We have largely focused on enabling you to give access to your profile to people you confirmed as friends and people in your networks. While these controls remain important and a priority for us, many of you have explained that you also want to open parts of your profile to a wider audience,” Facebook’s Mark Slee said in a blog post.

None of the existing privacy settings have changed, and Facebook says special privacy rules are still in place for minors.