Facebook Now Accurately States How Many Friends "Like" Something

999 Friends Like ThisIf you are a Facebook Page administrator, or simply an active user of Facebook Pages, there’s a good chance that you’ve noticed that the number of friends who like a Page stays stuck at 99 or 100 once more than 100 friends become a fan. Fortunately this morning Facebook rolled out a fix to that bug and now you can accurately find out how many of your friends actually like something. It’s a minor change but it’s a big relief for the obsessive types!

While the new information doesn’t necessarily help Page administrators with much, the accurate number should help increase new “Like” conversions for all new visitors who land on a Page’s wall tab. By seeing that a user’s numerous friends are fans of a Page, it makes it much more likely that that user will also become a fan. In that regard, this is a great fix! You can view the accurate friend fan count by visiting any of your favorite Facebook Pages.

It appears that this fix is another temporary one. If you have more than 1,000 friends who have become a fan of something it will now stay stuck at 999 or 1,000.

Thanks to Lenny Mauricio from Publicity Relationships for the tip!