Facebook Notes Now Posting Large Images In Feed

Some users have noticed that last week Facebook began posting large images as part of each story published by the Notes application. While many think this is a feature, we actually believe this is a bug.

The primary reason we believe this is a bug is that feed stories end up being inconsistent in size. In my own feed for example, I have one image showing up which is 860 pixels high and takes up a large percentage of my profile page. This breaks the overall user experience and if this story was showing up in my friends’ homepages I can just about guarantee that they won’t be happy.

Whether or not Facebook is actively testing various sizes of images in the feed, I’m not quite sure, however it’s pretty clear that images this large in the feed completely break the user experience. I’d expect to see this change in the coming days. Have you noticed this apparent bug? Do you agree that it breaks the user experience or do you like it?

Large Notes Feed Screenshot