Facebook Not Supporting Android?

Mike Arrington is reporting that Facebook has devoted zero resources to building an application for Android. Why exactly? Well much of it has to do with the bad blood between Google and Facebook sparked when Facebook banned Google’s Friend Connect earlier this year. Looks like things are not so pretty.

Other reasons for arguing? Well, a little company called Microsoft is the one that won rights to Facebook’s ad inventory. This agreement is similar to the one that Google signed with MySpace. Honestly, what is essentially a childish fight has erupted into bad business practice. As a platform and a product, Facebook’s goal is to expand access to any communications device.

Unfortunately they are deciding to not build for a platform which will soon be on millions of mobile devices. If Facebook was building their own mobile platform, I would totally understand them not wanting to build for others. Then again, Apple has been successful by building their iTunes product for Windows, a competing platform.

When Facebook decides to cut themselves off from accessing millions of individuals because they don’t like the other platform, they are missing out on a huge opportunity. The bottom line is this is bad business and Facebook should most definitely suck it up and hop on the new platform. Otherwise MySpace is going to have no problem picking up some of the slack.